Your Favourite West End Performers

Yesterday I conducted a Twitter vote on your favourite West End Performers. I said the results were going up today so here they are!
Your Top Female Performers. In third place – Sheridan Smith ( @Sheridansmith1 ) In second place – Ashleigh Gray ( @Ashleigh_gray ) And your favourite West End Female is…
Kerry Ellis :0)
Many names came up in the search fo your favourite West End Girl and here are some of them… Ruthie Henshall, Cassidy Janson, Rachael Wooding, Alexia Khadime, Dianne Pilkington, Sabeina Aloueche, Rachel Tucker, Jodie Prenger, Patina Miller, Caroline Keiff, Tamzin Outhwaite, Jacqueline Tate, Sharon D Clarke, Amanda Coutts, Zoe Birkett, Rebecca Wicking and Summer Strallen.
Now… Onto the boys!
The votes for your favourite West End Male totted up as follows.
In Third Place – Oliver Tompsett ( @ozziology ) In Second Place – Ross Hunter ( @RossHunter1 )
And your favourite West End boy is…
Oliver Thornton ( @Oliverthornton )
Names were not as diverse as the girls but there were a fair few names coming up. Here they are… Ramin Karimloo, Jonathan Williams, Lee Mead, Gavin Creel, John Barrowman, Paul Spicer, Alex Gaumond, Daniel Evans, Michael Ball, Stephen Ashfield, Connor Kelly, Ryan Molloy, Ian Carlyle and Glenn Carter.
So there you go folks! Kerry Ellis and Oliver Thornton take top spots as your favourite West End guy and gal! We’ll do this again late in the year and see if the results change.
Thanks for reading!


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