Legally Blonde Original London Cast Album

With the album out today, every Legally Blonde fan is heading over to Itunes for a bit of Blonde.

Originally, there were no plans for a Cast Recording from the London show. The sucess of the show made it possible for a ‘live’ recording to be released. The ‘live’ format worked really wellfor We Will Rock You when their cast album was released, and for Brooklyn the Musical in New York, but with the Original Broadway Cast Recording being a studio album, would the London recording be what the fans expected?

Having seen the show many times, I had an idea of what to expect from the Cast Recording. On stage, Sheridan Smith dazzles as sorority princess Elle Woods, who is dumped by boyfriend Warner (Duncan James) and follows him to Harvard Law School in an attempt to win him back. The story follows her finding her way at Harvard, but I won’t give away the ending. Although the Cast Recording features Duncan James as Warner, he has since been replaced by Richard Fleeshman.

The Cast Recording is just as I expected. Sheridan Smith’s vocals are fantastic and her charisma shines through even in the audio. Duncan James croons a very smooth Warner and Jill Halfpenny’s (Paulette) “Ireland” is heartbreaking My other personal favourite is Amy Lennox, who play sorority sister Margot. She reminds me vocally of Annaleigh Ashford, who originated the role on Broadway, but there is something a little different about the way the character is played by Ms Lennox.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable album and a very enjoyable show. The fun essence of the show shines through in the cast recording and it is great to hear the audience’s reactions to the show.

I think it’s wonderful that this cast has been immortalised on a CD – they really are fantastic. This CD should become a part ofthe collection of every musical theatre fan.



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