Goodbye Hair

So today marks the last two shows of probably the best musical I have ever seen bar none – Hair.

I first saw Hair back in April, and was completely taken aback by the love and friendship in the cast and by the boundless energy that jumped out and dragged every audience member into the world of the Tribe. You could see from the outset exactly how much love the cast had for the show and I think that was part of what made me fall in love.

I thought the show would run an run in London, but as with most things in theatre, nothing ever turns out how you think it will. Personally, I think the Great British Public still aren’t ready for Hair. Thing is, the hippie movement, the Vietnam war and the Draft are just not part of our history, and it saddens me to think that people didn’t open their eyes to this beautiful show.

As a British audience, we find it easy to be transported to places like Oz or to Avenue Q, but as soon as something gritty and real comes our way we go in search of something more “Broadway”. Just look at how Spring Awakening worked in London. It’s true that in Hair there is no glitter, no chorus lines and certainly no just sitting and watching. What there is, though, is an electric fusion of humour, sadness, happiness and a desperate need for peace.

I love Hair, and I just wanted to post this blog to say thankyou to every single cast member who has performed in the London run. Notably, Gavin Creel, Caissie Levy, Kacie Sheik, Allison Case, Luther Creek, Andrew Kober, Hannah Shankman and Steele Burkhardt. Thankyou for bringing this fantastic show to London.

“This is the last night of the world – we stick together”


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