West End Doggy Drama

Alarm bells rang around the West End on Monday night when Sheridan Smith (Elle Woods in Legally Blonde London) tweeted that her beloved pooch Enid had disappeared into the night in Crouch End.

Many people retweeted her tweet, including me and then it took off Twitter wide. Over 100 of my followers retweeted the message from a distraught Sheridan and many others got involved in the Twitter search. We waited with baited breath yesterday when Sheridan tweeted that a black sharpei had been found and she was going to investigate if it was Enid.

No doubt you guys were all as thrilled as I was to hear that the black sharpei was indeed Enid! What we didn’t bank on, was exactly how far Enid had travelled in her adventure. She had managed to get from Crouch End in North London, all the way to Dagenham in Essex! After being found in Dagenham, she was dropped at Battersea Dogs Home where one of the fantastic staff there had seen Sheridan’s message on Twitter and contacted her.

Sheridan posted the following message yesterday…

“I’ve got Enid back!!!! I can not thank u all enough for all your help. The amazing staff at Battersea saw twitter and heard @CHRISDJMOYLES. Without you I wouldn’t have found her. She was found in Dagenham which is miles away, I wish she could talk and tell me how she got there! But she is safe and back at home and I am still crying but with joy now. I am so touched by the support and kindness of everyone. Thank u X”

So, there’s a story to demonstrate the power of Twitter. I am very thankful that Sheridan and Enid were reunited and I’m sure all you guys are too. Sheridan was showered with so many messages of congratulations last night that “Enid” began to trend in London on Twitter!

For more information on the great work that Battersea Dogs home do click onto this link…



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