West End Twitter Directory Part 1 – Performers!

I’m a big fan of knowing who to follow on Twitter, so I thought I would put together a little directory for you all. Part one is performers. I couldn’t link all the names to profiles, but pop the names on Twitter, hit follow and bring a little more theatrical magic to your life 🙂

The list in in no particular order 🙂

Dani Bright 
Kim Shepherd
Hannah Bingham 
Christopher Bartlett
Leejay Townsend
Sheridan Smith
Jonathan Andrew Hume 
Tanya Lewis
Vicky Oates

Adam Linstead

Zoe Birkett  
claire-marie hall 
Adam C Booth 
Emma Williams  
Sofia Escobar  
Rakesh Boury 

Iwan Rheon

Scott Monello  
emily beaumont 
holly james 
Damien Poole 
Lucy C. Bonnett 
Rhiannon Porter 
Robyn North 
Ibinabo Jack
Lynne Wilmot  
Francesca Leyland 
Steven Cleverley 
Jasmine Kerr 

Tim Driesen

James Rees  
John Walsh Brannoch 

Gemma O’Duffy

lucas rush

Gemma Faith Andrews

Bill Bailey  
delroy atkinson
Tee Jaye 
Killian Donnelly 
Luke Kempner 
matt willis 
Caroline Sheen 
Jayde Westaby
Claire Baker
Alex Bourne 
Jonathan Groff
Andy Mace 
Jacqui Sanchez
Simon Adkins  
hadley fraser
Richard Murphy 
Joanna Page 
Stephen John Davis 
Hugo Harold-Harrison 
jeff nicholson 
Chris Barton 

Matthew McKenna

Verity Quade  
sean mulligan
Ryan Dawson  
Denise Van Outen
Cassie Compton 
Sean Needham 

Jye Frasca

Fabian Aloise  
Mark Evans 
Niall Sheehy
Alan Pearson  
Hannah Jane Fox
Lucie Jones 
Rebecca Caine 
Lauren James (Ray) 

tamara wall

jessica walford  
Ricardo Afonso 
Alicia Afonso 

Katia Sartini

Leon Lopez
Frances Ruffelle 
Simon Bailey 
Jenny Fitzpatrick 
Tom Parsons 
Lewis Bradley
Suzie McLean
Leanne Jones 
Jon Robyns
Richard Woodford 
Giorgia Barberi
Brenda Edwards  
Claire Greenway 
Glenn Robb
Rebecca Lock 
Danny Mac 
Annalene Beechey 
George Ure 
Jon Boydon 
Lucy May Barker 
oliver thornton 
Sherrie Pennington 
Cassidy Janson 
Daniel Boys
Oliver Tompsett

Paul Spicer 

julie atherton
Duncan James
Charlotte Wakefield 
Kym Armstrong 
Chris Ellis-Stanton 
Amy Lennox 
Jessica Robinson 
Lauren Samuels 
amy diamond 
Gina Beck 
Sami Russell 
Ashleigh Gray
Sarah French 
Rebecca Wicking 
Portia Emare 
Sarah Earnshaw 
Caroline Keiff

Nancy Sullivan 

kate winney 
Danni Dee 
Amanda Coutts 
Chloe Hart 
Ian Carlyle 
Maggie Elizabeth May 
Newley Aucutt 
Joseph Connor 
sabrina aloueche 
Vix Hamilton-Barritt 
Aaron Renfree 
Kayleigh stephenson 
Ross Hunter 
Amy Edwards 
Jennifer Tierney
Anna Austen-Rose 
The Unconventionals 
Nikki Davis-Jones 
Debbie Kurup 
Matthew Wesley 
Lucy Louise Newton 
Steven Webb 
susan mcfadden 
Niamh Perry

Samantha barks 

jodie prenger

John Owen-Jones 

rachel tucker
Louise Dearman 
Noel Sullivan 
jane mcmurtrie 
Alex Gaumond 
Liam Tamne 
Sophie Linder-Lee 
Jon lee

Stuart Matthew Price 

Richard Fleeshman
patina Miller
Alex McNamara 
Paul Keating

Ramin Karimloo 

David Thaxton
So there you go! Your guide of who’s good to follow West End Performer Wise. Obviously this list is not exhaustive, so if you have any suggestions, or are a performer and want to be included, there are many ways to contact me. Similarly, if you are on the list and want to be taken off, contact me and I will remove your name.
Contact West End Wendy at westendwendy@gmail.com , on Twitter @Westend_wendy or simply comment on this blog post 🙂
Next up… maybe later today… producers/writers and directors  




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