Bend… and Snap!

I saw Legally Blonde again recently for the purpose of seeing their brand new cast.

There weren’t a huge amount of cast changes, with Sheridan Smith staying as Elle Woods, Alex Gaumond remaining as Emmett and Peter Davison and Aoife Mulholland staying as Professor Callahan and Brooke Wyndham respectively. The cast now includes new additions Denise Van Outen as Paulette, Simon Thomas as Warner, Siobhan Dillon as Vivienne and Carley Stenson as Margot.

The show seemed to have had a new breath of fresh life blown into it. The energy was all new, which was fantastic to watch. Sheridan Smith dazzled as the sophisticated Elle Woods, and she never fails to break my heart during her ballad, “Legally Blonde”. As a long time fan of Denise Van Outen (Thanks to her performance some years ago in Tell Me On A Sunday) I was excited to see her as Paulette and she did not disappoint! The character has certainly been made a little saucier and Denise works well with Sheridan. I look forward to seeing her grow further into the role and really make it her own.

I have to say, I adored Simon Thomas as Warner. He was just the right amount of smooth arrogance and puppy dog good looks. I loved how his character developed along with Sheridan’s throughout the show. Siobhan Dillon’s Vivienne was the right mix of snobby attitude and strong personality, and I loved how her accent was very slightly different to Caroline Keiff who previously played the role.

The ensemble of this show are, in my opinion, among the best ensembles in the West End. I love how their characters change so often during the show but the same energy and passion resonates throughout – and this is a very demanding show! The girls around me were certainly entertained suring “Whipped into Shape” on seeing some of the boys masquerading as girls. I absolutely cannot wait to go back to the show in a few month’s time and see this cast really make the roles their own.

I can’t finish the review, of course, without mentioning the dogs. I love the fact that there are real dogs in this show and although they don’t always perform to plan, it’s a great addition to a great show. Everyone knows Elle has a chihuahua, but you don’t expect  to see Bruiser right in front of your eyes!

In conclusion, everyone should see this show. It’s a great, fun mix of pink fluff and a fun storyline that everyone from children to grandparents will love. Mix in songs that you will be singing for weeks afterwards and you have a great cocktail of a show.

Just a little note for thos ewho have been to this show and stage doored before now. Because of the reopening of the Savoy hotel, the cast now sign outside the stage door rather than outside the front. This is where I got a lovely picture with the fantastic Sheridan Smith 🙂


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