Another Annoying Audience Story

You all know I love to pass on my annoying audience stories to you guys – so here’s a corker! I saw Jersey Boys a few weeks ago and the Jersey Boys fans amongst you will know that the front row will set you up with a good seat for the teeny sum of only £20. Being a budget theatregoer, I opted for the £20 seats – mistake!

The seats are stated as restricted view, and they are – but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the group of four women in their thirties seated next to me. You know the type – bought the cheap seats, turn up stinking of alcohol and proceed to chat loudly all the way through the first half whilst being watched by the front of house manager. After they still hadn’t been removed by the interval I politely asked them if they would mind please being quiet for the second half as I would like to listen to the show.

Here’s where I need your input guys. They then turned round and one of them drunkenly (I’m not kidding when I say drunk. I mean like ‘refused service at the bar in the interval’ drunk) said she needed to tell me that the reason they were being so loud is that her sister had passed away a year previously and had been a big Frankie Valli fan. Now, call me harsh guys but was it wrong of me to say something along the lines of “Sorry to hear that and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. But can you please enjoy it quietly as I would like to enjoy it too?” Harsh?

They then spent the rest of the interval yapping about the fact that they were going to make a complaint because they couldn’t see anything and “they had paid good money for these seats”. Is it just us seasoned theatregoers who check out the location of our seats before we buy them? Surely the fact that it has “restricted view” printed clearly on the tickets would be a giveaway?

They were pretty well behaved until “My Eyes Adored You” happened. Then, not only a little bit of crying… not even sobbing… but full out wailing from the woman who had explained about her sister. What was worse was that her wailing was backed up by her three friends loudly going “it’s ok… it’s ok”. It’s true, we all have songs in shows that turn us into gibbering wrecks – for me it will always be No One But You from We Will Rock You, but seriously?!? There are way and means to deal with being upset. It’s ok! But the whole theatre doesn’t need to know.

These women seemed to be completely unaware of the fact that they were in a theatre full of people and that the actors on the stage were real, living, breathing human beings who were working their backsides off. It amazed me that they could be so ignorant as to talk loudly all the way through the first half, often about things that were NOTHING to do with the show, and then give an excuse. What amazed me more than their actual actions was that they were doing all this on the front row! It doesn’t make it any better if it’s done at the back of the circle, but at least the actors can’t hear.

At times I honestly thought I was on Candid Camera or something. I expected them to whack out a big bag of rustly sweets any minute…

Anyone experienced anything similar? Let me know


One thought on “Another Annoying Audience Story

  1. You weren't at all harsh. In fact, I think you seemed very polite and tolerant! Don't know whether I could have been so restrained.Yes, they were very inconsiderate towards the audience, but even more inconsiderate towards the cast. The Jersey Boys cast are some of the nicest that you could ever wish to meet. They always have time to stop and chat at the stage door, despite the fact that they are often exhausted and probably just want to go away somewhere quiet and have a rest. They all work really hard – the main characters being on stage most of the time acting, singing AND dancing, and the lesser characters played by just a few actors taking on multiple roles. They all deserve our respect and admiration.Whilst I have every sympathy with anyone who has lost someone close (as I have myself), maybe a more appropriate time to visit the theatre would be after the grieving process had diminished somewhat and before going into the bar!Lynne

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