You Know You’re A Wendy When…

I played a game last night with my Twitter followers, asking for them to send me things that only theatre fans do, along with the hashtag #youknowyoureawendywhen. There were some great ideas. Here are some of my favourites!

 you can sing One Day More all by yourself…
 you look through a program and recognize most of the cast from other shows.
 you used Defying Gravity to revise for psychology a-level, “you’re having delusions of grandeur”!!!
 as a gay man you still belt Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tiiiiits! On the tube…
 “ohmigod” makes you go “omigod omigod you guys…””
 puppet sex is something you’ve seen live… On purpose”
 you’ve watched your  dvd so much you’ve worn it out
 you want to move you look at tube access to the West End as the highest priority.
 Someone says “At the end of the day” and you sing “You’re another older…”
 someone says ‘red and’ you automatically start reeling of the colours of josephs coat!!
 you wish your life was a musical!!!
 your country needs a cock, in a frock, on a rock!
 you can travel by bubble
 someone says “who’s it gonna be?” and you sing The Life Of The Party
 someone says “I can hear” and you chip in with “the bells”
 you laugh at meeting someone outside the Waverley
 you try Defying Gravity sitting on a toilet in a jail cell
 You try to correct Shakespeare – “Some are born great….” 
 you can’t say the word ‘stay’ without putting a ‘pow’ after it
 you see a UPS van and immediately say ‘I’ve got a package’
 you deliberately book show dates when the lead is off, to see an understudy in the role
 your teacher bent over and snapped his back and you start involuntarily doing the bend and snap
 as far as you’re concerned “Liftoff, we have liftoff” has nothing to do with space travel
  u show ur friend around london & point out all the theatres & their shows instead of the landmarks
 your mother’s telling you to be more serious and you burst into legally blonde really inappropriately
 you laugh your head off when your friend says he wants a BA in English 
 you try to persuade friends as many times as possible to visit London just so you can see ANOTHER show!
 your friend calls you a ‘Musical Whore’ because of the number of shows you’ve seen…
 you have fifteen shows already booked for this year and travel to London from Wales to see even more
 you have lost count of how many times you’ve seen les mis
 you look at the theatre biog and ignore tv and film
 all you can afford is Pret
 you drive in your car singing Phantom of the Opera songs at the top of your voice!
 you regard The X Factor as trash TV and not talent
 when something pink next to something green sends you into giggles
 you say “greenify”
 you wish Lea Michelle would go back to Broadway
 you like the musical theatre Glee songs better than the pop songs
 you quote musicals and no-one else gets it apart from your musical friends
 You sing your way through Act One of Les Mis in the shower and give each character voices…every time.
 you use the words “stage door”
 your life motto is “No Day But Today”
 you went to New York and giggled at the corner of Avenue A and B
 doing jazz hands is just a normal part of every day life
 you went to New York and giggled at Avenue Q
 you’ve known every word of Les Mis since you were 5 years old.
 you stand in an elevator singing “elevator going down… Going down… Going down” EVERY TIME
 you talk about actors from musicals and none of your friends know who your talking about
 your cat is called mungojerry
 you can explain the plot of Les Mis/Hair/phantom without many problems
 You go to the last night before cast change and cry when they sing your favourite song for the final time
 you say things like “no seriously. Everyone should see this show once”
 Seeing a show 13 times is not too much
 you family ask you what shows are on in London, at what theatre and who’s in it!
 It begins to rain and you instantly think “Don’t you fret, Monsieur Marius…”
 you go to book your train online and the journey you book most often is saved under WICKED
 every time you hear “Meatloaf” you have to remind yourself that Meatloaf is a male singer
 when someone says “one” you say “singular sensation…”
 the only place you can think of to go for a post show drink is the players
 you get terrible post-show blues and you have to see another show to make you feel better
  every sentence can be sang as a line in a showtune
 people ask you for seating advice when booking their theatre tickets
  you step out in the rain and scream ‘I’m melting, I’m melting’
 you walk into a hotel room, see soap & say ‘you’re supposed to wash with that soap, you can’t even see it’
 you’re the only one who notices the theatre posters in the tube stations.
 you watch the Wizard of Oz and think ‘this isn’t how it happened’
 your friends check show running times with you and you know them all
 you know the nearest pub toilet to use to avoid the interval queues
 it’s me regularly becomes itttttssssss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 … you keep correcting people’s pronounciation of Portia Emare
 you are in a club and you pull the “Bend & Snap” as second nature!
 when someone says “let’s go” you say “bom bom and you’re rushing headlong…”
 you spend more time planning theatre trips than working or studying
 you can tell who sings what version of ‘All I ask of You’ from 1000 different recordings
 you’re itunes library has more than 35 days of solid musical soundtracks to play!
 you giggle when going through Poplar… Just because it looks like popular
 you get genuinely offended when someone asks “Who is that Ruth Henshaw, anyway?
…. you spend over a day of your life waiting in sun,rain,snow and hail each year for west end stars at stage doors
 You start directions with “go straight ahead and turn left at Priscilla”
 Sheridan Smith is not just “that bird from two pints”
 You go to Victoria for reasons other than the station
 You say “it’s gotta be close to midnight” when someone asks “what’s the time?”
 You prefer the American Idiot Cast Recording to the Green Day album
 you run on theatre time, not GMT
 your dog’s middle name is Fiyero


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