Lance Horne, First Thing’s Last

Last month I had the pleasure of attending Lance Horne, First Thing’s Last at the Garrick Theatre. This showcase of work by American Songwriter Lance Horne featured many of the West End and Broadway’s finest talent, joined by Alan Cumming and Graham Norton. Julie Atherton, Hannah Waddingham, Paul Spicer, Ashleigh Gray and many others were holding up the West End side whilst Alexandra Silber and Norm Lewis were representing Broadway. The cast really did read like a who’s who of the finest musical talent.

We all know that these kind of concerts can have a tendency to be a bit repetetive, particularly when only showcasing the work of one artist, however I am delighted to say that there was no time for boredom. Aside from being exceptionally talented, Lance Horne came across extremely well and I particularly enjoyed his many anecdotes as well as, of course, his song about Asparagus! I will be honest here and say that until this show I was completely unfamiliar with Lance’s work and had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly suprised by not only the quality of the music, but the fact that there were so many different musical styles in the one concert!

All performances were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed Julie Atherton’s “Anywhere But Here” and Cassidy Janson’s sultry “Hurry Up And Take Your Time”.  Graham Norton made every member of the audience smile with his rendition of “Haircut” and Lance chipped in with a couple of numbers himself, which was great to see.

If I had to pick an absolute favourite (and those of you who have read the blog from the beginning will find this terribly predictable), I would say Hannah Waddingham’s “Last Day On Earth” stole the show. Not just because of the powerhouse vocals that we all know Hannah has, but also because of the story behind the song and the song itself. I

A great night had by all. Can’t wait for the next show that Speckulation Entertainment produce in the West End.

You can buy Lance’s album HERE and follow Lance on Twitter @xLanceHorne.


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