Oh My! It’s Pinker Than Legally Blonde

I recently saw Leslie Jordan – My Journey Down The Pink Carpet at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue.

I didn’t know much about Mr Jordan before seeing the show, apart from the fact that he won an Emmy for his appearances in Will and Grace. What I didn’t know is that by the time this 90 minute show (no interval!) was over, I would know all there is to know.

Mr Jordan spoke honestly all the way through about his “internal homophobia” growing up in Tenessee, his introduction to the gay scene by two drag queens and those he has worked with up to now. In an odd way, with his southern accent and tiny stature he reminded me of a male Kristin Chenoweth.

By the end of the show I had really warmed to Mr Jordan, quirks and all. I enjoyed his honest account of everything from the account of working with boy George (EVIL! apparently!) to the drink and drug problems that he had overcome in the past and I felt the whole show allowed me to learn more about this actor I only knew of from Will and Grace.

As the title suggests, the show was pinker than Legally Blonde, which was an added plus.


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