A Shrektastic Night Out

I had the pleasure of seeing Shrek the musical a couple of weeks ago. I went into the theatre armed with nothing but a sketchy recollection of the film and the knowledge that the producers have pretty much “celebrity cast” the hell out of this one. I had never heard the musical from the Broadway show or watched any of it on Youtube so I was a complete blank as to what was ahead of me.
In short, I really enjoyed the show. The set was magnificent, and the ensemble were a joy to behold, I loved how the show started with Shrek and Fiona stepping out of their respective story books and I loved that all the classic moments from the film were very much there. I also have a new favourite “entrance in musical theatre” in the shape of Donkey’s entrance. I’m not going to say how he enters but it is fantastic!
With regards to the cast, I have to admit that I had low expectations due to the “star casting”, however, I was pleasantly suprised! I enjoyed Amanda Holden’s Fiona, Nigel Lindsay’s Shrek and Richard Blackwood’s Donkey, but the standout for me was Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaad. I don’t think there was a single member of the audience who wasn’t clutching their stomach with laughter every time he was on the stage. I loved the ensemble in this show and really liked that most of them had their own character by which to identify them.
My favourite thing in the whole show was when the dragon appeared to sing to donkey. I loved everything about how the dragon moved, how her eyes closed when she sang and how her tail flicked back and forth. Well done to the team and especially Landi Oshinowo who provided stunning vocals.
I really enjoyed the music of the show and went home singing “I Know It’s Today”. I also thought the script was very clever with references to other shows fitted in amongst the lines. My favourite show reference was a giraffe walking past stating “ahhh it’s a green man but it’s ok” (to the tune of circle of life…) which had me giggling no end.
Shrek is booking at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. You can book tickets through The Shrek Website or at the theatre. Alternatively, you can book by phone on 0844 871 8810.
(Video of Broadway Cast)

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