Love Never Dies Drama

I awoke this morning to a tweet from theatre website What’s On Stage, announcing that Phantom Sequel Love Never Dies would close on the 27th August this year and linking to Their Article. Sad but not surprised by this news, I announced it myself only to be confronted by many tweets asking how reliable my source was.

Less than an hour later the news was confirmed as true, but by this time an interesting storm had been brewing amongst theatre fans and “LND” was trending on Twitter.

I discovered through reading tweets and by what was sent to me that the cast had absolutely no idea about the show closing. Not surprisingly, people were not thrilled to hear this.

This brings me to the point of this blog. What kind of industry do we work in when press are told before cast, creatives and front of house? After digging around a bit, I found out the same happened when Oliver! announced closing last year. One of the cast found out by reading a poster on a bus stop that announced the closing. I understand how important press are to a show, but surely the people who make the show happen every single night deserve to know when they are going to be out of  a job? Both Oliver! and Love Never Dies are Really Useful Group shows, and the company have come under fire today because of how this situation has been handled by the production company.

I would love to hear your comments on the situation. Best of luck for the rest of the run and the future to the cast, crew, creatives and Front of House at the Adelphi. Anyone who hasn’t seen Love Never Dies I recommend that you do. You can find my review of the show Here.


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