Michael Bruce – Unwritten Songs review

I recently acquired a copy of Michael Bruce’s debut album “Unwritten Songs”. Two years ago, Michael won the Notes for The Stage competition, as a result of which his entry, Children, was heard as part of the 2007 Christmas in New York concert at the West End’s Lyric Theatre. His debut album showcases his talent and has some fantastic theatre people lending their voice including – Ross Hunter, Paul Spicer, Sarah Lark & Sarah Earnshaw, Charlotte Wakefield, Mark Evans, Emily Tierney, Alex Jessop, Jessie Buckley, Anna-Jane Casey, Ashleigh Gray, Julie Atherton, Daniel Boys & Alexia Khadime and Michael Xavier

The album itself is a great mix of Disney type musical extravaganzas, ballads and some hysterically funny numbers. I have many favourites on this album but for the sheer effort it must take to pull the song off, I would say my favourite is The Musical Theatre song, sung by Anna Jane Casey. Other favourites on the album are the comically fantastic “I Want A Man”, sung by Sarah Lark and Sarah Earnshaw and the haunting “My Kind of World” sung by Ashleigh Gray.

Another featuring track on the album is the fantastic “Portrait of a Princess”, sung magnificently by Julie Atherton. I blogged a while ago about the youtube viral associated with this song, which has now had almost one million views! I have linked the video below for anyone who hasn’t seen the video yet.

This is another one of those albums that every musical theatre fan should own. Michael Bruce’s writing is both modern and eclectic and most musical theatre fans will find songs that they enjoy on this album. The album is available in Dress Circle, on Itunes or through Amazon.
You can follow Michael on Twitter  @MBruce83

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