Tim Prottey Jones – More With Every Line Review

I recently received a copy of Tim Prottey Jones’ album “More With Every Line”. Birmingham-based Tim Prottey-Jones is an experienced professional guitarist, drummer and vocalist with a music degree from the University of Wolverhampton. The tracks on his debut album consist of 13 songs from two musicals he is developing – After The Turn and Once Bitten.

On first look at the cover of the album. the musical theatre fan in me had a little squee-fest. The album features a plethora of musical theatre stars including… Sabrina Aloueche, Julie Atherton, Colleen Ballinger, Samantha Barks, John Boydon, Daniel Boys, Jessie Buckley, Rachel Tucker, Marcus Paul James, Titus Burgess, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Jon Lee, Stuart Matthew Price, Louise Dearman, Drew Sarich and Noel Sullivan. Even from just looking at the album I suspected I was in for a treat and I couldn’t have been more right.

What greeted me on first listen was an eclectic mix of classic musical theatre sounding tracks, heart breaking ballads and a couple of pop rock numbers that I couldn’t get out of my head for the rest of the day. Probably my favourite track on the whole album is “Strong Without You” sung beautifully by Samantha Barks, but it is very difficult to choose a favourite as it seems to change every time I listen to the album. Other highlights for me were the beautiful “Butterflies” sung by Tituss Burgess and “Fallen” sung by Louise Dearman as well as “Just One Look” sung by Julie Atherton and Jon Lee. As well as beautiful vocals, the album features lyrics that move you far beyond the first listen and orchestrations that take you on a journey with the song.

More With Every Line is available from Dress Circle and Itunes and if you don’t own it I suggest you hot foot on your way to get it. This CD should be part of the collection of every musical theatre fan. Tim Prottey Jones’ second album is due for release around the end of this year – needless to say I’m very excited!

You can follow Tim on Twitter :@Timprotteyjones

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