Speaker’s Corner Vlog!

We’ve had an exciting vlog idea and will be filming this coming Sunday 31st July! We need some willing volunteers! 
Our idea is to head over to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. Sunday is its busiest day and it is generally filled with people speaking about all kinds of things. We want to bring the magic of theatre to Speaker’s Corner in a comedic speech (by Wendy herself of course!) about how everyone should “believe” in the magic of theatre new and old. In the speech you’ll hear some classic musical theatre quotes and things that will make you giggle, but the point we most want to make is that new musical theatre is dying out and it’s tragic.
So, where do you guys come into this? Obviously a speech like this is determined by the crowd watching. We need an involved crowd who are not afraid to shout “believe” (yes… like Ghost) at regular intervals when prompted by Wendy. We will also need a few“featured” audience members who will be credited at the end of the video. The more the merrier so please do feel free to bring along theatre loving friends and family – we want a crowd of frenzied theatre fans to share the love of the West End we all adore! We also might do a couple of little “reaction” interviews after the speech, so this is another chance to be featured.
We’re looking at starting filming at around midday on Sunday and will probably run through the speech two or three times so that we have all that we need. The speech itself shouldn’t be any longer than fifteen minutes at the absolute most so all we need is around an hour of your time. We’d greatly appreciate any help you all can give with this exciting new vlog which we cannot wait to film.
So, how do you take part? First and foremost, send me an email to westendwendy@gmail.com ideally as soon as possible but please no later than Saturday night and confirm your interest. If you would like a featured role in the video do let me know about this also. If you’re going to bring a pack of friends that would be great and again please do let me know. Once you’ve confirmed attendance, show up at Speaker’s Corner before midday and look for the orange puppet. Then get ready to believe 🙂
Hopefully see you Sunday!
West End Wendy

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