Four Dogs and A Bone

Last week I saw the first show of a new fringe play – Four Dogs and A Bone at the Pheonix Artist’s Club. Four Dogs and a Bone is billed as “an extremely funny poke at the dark side of the American Movie business” and that is exactly what it is.

The play charts the tale of two actresses, one producer and one writer with regards to a movie in which they are all involved. It shows the crafty work of the four of them as each tries to outsmart the others in their bid to come out on top.

I really did enjoy this show. It was only an hour long, which I felt was not too short and not too long – so just right. Amy Tez and Laura Pradelska play two feuding leading ladies, fighting over who will ultimately get more screen time and their comic timing and chemistry make for compelling viewing. Joe Jameson was adorable as the writer who had recently suffered a family tragedy and Daniel O’Meara was a suitably sleazy producer.

The venue choice of the Pheonix Artist’s club worked well as the play is mainly set in around four locations. I think a bigger space would have ruined the intimacy of the show. Four Dogs and a Bone will run until 20th August at the Pheonix Artist’s Club on Charing Cross Road. Tickets are £10 or £8 for concessions.


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