Ghost the Musical

I had the pleasure of seeing Ghost the Musical’s matinee show yesterday. As I walked into a theatre filled with couples and hen parties I had no idea that the show I was about to watch would absolutely astound and amaze me in every respect.

The musical is based on the award winning film of the same name starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze and tells the story of Sam Wheat and Molly Jenson. The couple are struck by a tragedy that leaves Sam dead and stuck trying to contact Molly. Enter ‘dodgy’ psychic Oda Mae Brown and an ensemble of fantastic characters both living and dead and you are in for a serious treat of a theatre visit.

Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy play the two lead roles. Although already versed in Levy’s work, I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about Fleeshman’s performance. I’m happy to say my worry was short lived as he played a vocally strong, hunky man who had been robbed of his life. The frustration felt by the character seemed to be expressed with ease and I felt that Richard was everything I wanted the character to be and more. Caissie Levy was absolutely breathtaking as Molly. Honestly I have never cried so much in a theatre as I did during “With You”, one of her solo numbers. The song was literally the perfect mix of lyrics that justify just how hard it is to lose someone and the most beautiful, emotive performance. The theatre was awash with people in hysterical tears!

Oda Mae Brown was played by West End regular Sharon D Clarke. Clarke adds the well needed comedy aspect to the show and backs it up with excellent acting. I think one of my favourite parts of the whole show was the classic movie line “Molly, you in DANGER girl!”. The first “reading” scene was made even more hysterical by Jenny Fitzpatrick (Louise) and Lisa Davina Phillip (Clara) as Oda Mae’s sisters – their reactions to their mentor were hilarious. Some notable appearances in the show go to Adebayo Bolaji as the Subway Ghost and Andrew Langtree as slimy, scheming Carl Bruner. All this backed up by an ensemble that shone and gave shape to a show that would have been very bare without them.

Whilst debating about seeing Ghost, I spent a great deal of time wondering how a lot of the effects would be done. After all, what is the point of Sam being a ghost if he can’t walk through walls and other such ghostliness? I am amazed to say that I came out of the show none the wiser as to exactly how Sam walked through doors, went into Oda Mae’s body and other such effects… but he did it! the effects in the show are absolutely fantastic and well worth seeing. I also adored how the set was backed up by many plasma screens that helped create the hustle and bustle of New York City. The show’s music was fantastic, with what I thought was a fantastic mix of ballads and some rock/pop numbers. Being familiar with the tracks from the Facebook sessions earlier in the year I loved how ‘Here Right Now’ in particular had changed. I definitely thought that Molly’s character got the best pick of the music, but this was definitely not a bad thing!

Basically, go and see this show. I very rarely say this about a show but seriously – if you have to pay full price then do it. It is worth every single penny.

Ghost the Musical is playing at the Piccadilly Theatre. Tickets are £25-£65 (Premium seats £80) and are available at the theatre, by phone on 08448717618 or online Here .


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