Last night I saw Betwixt at Trafalgar Studio 2. Having seen the benefit performance of the show a few years ago (You know the one… with Sheridan Smith, Sarah Lark, David Bedella etc etc) I was very much looking forward to seeing a full version of the show. I definitely thought it was hilarious last time I saw the show and this time was no different!

The plot synopsis reads…

In modern day New York, writer Bailey – suffering writer’s block – and his roommate Cooper Fitzgerald are catapulted head first into a strange enchanted world. Their arrival fulfils a prophecy that tells of a brave hero and a great queen and they are tasked with searching out a fading daytime TV star who is the only hope for saving a pregnant princess from losing the throne… Sex-crazed nymphs, hunchbacks, cross-dressing mutes, dancing reporters, enchantresses (of the evil-world-dominating variety) and a disembodied head with a Bavarian accent are teamed with sitcom-styled dialogue and a toe-tapping score in a truly funny musical comedy

Benedict Salter plays Bailey and perfectly embodies the nervous writer who finds his story through the course of the show. Ellen Greene (yes THE Ellen Greene of Little Shop of Horrors fame) is obviously a genius as she moves almost effortlessly between three characters – the Princess, Nymph Queen and Enchantress. I found her sultry Nymph queen particularly funny, especially when confronted by Cooper who is so completely unmoved by her actions that is is nothing short of hilarious to watch. Peter Duncan played a number of roles within the show but my favourite was the pantomime-esque Great Garbo.

Ashleigh Gray plays disembodied head Miranda. As far as disembodied heads go, she is probably the most lyrical and expressive one I have ever seen. I think the whole audience breathed a sigh of relief when she was freed from her curse and released from the box!

The star of the show for me was easily the fantastically flamboyant Steven Webb as Cooper Fitzgerald. He shone throughout the show delivering comically hilarious lines and brilliant showtunes. The leads were backed up by a small ensemble of four, who also played many different roles within the show. I particularly enjoyed Will Hanksworth’s hilarious Joan The Mute.

See this show before it closes September 10th. Tickets are a bargain at £20 (conc) or £25 for a fantastically funny, well written piece of musical theatre that I’m sure has a huge future ahead of it.


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