My Musical Theatre Top Plays

I looked through my Ipod today at my top plays, and thought you all might be interested in what musical theatre stuff I love to listen to. Maybe you will download some of it? Feel free to add to this as I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on your favourite musical theatre tracks!

10) Streetsinger – Brooklyn the Musical
Brooklyn the Musical tells the story of Brooklyn, a young woman who goes to Brooklyn to find her father and meets a host of characters along the way. Streetsinger is a song that she sings at Madison Square Garden with the Streetsinger who has been there throughout her journey. I adore this song!

9) I’m A Star – Eden Espinosa (Dreaming Wide Awake)
Dreaming Wide Awake is the debut album of American Songwriter Scott Alan. It is a fantastic album with great songs, many of which have a story behind them. I’m A Star is about the frustrations of a performer and if I remember rightly was written at a bar job and consequently got Scott fired! Throw in Eden Espinosa’s powerhouse vocals and you end up with one hell of a song.

8) Backwoods Barbie – 9 to 5 the Musical
I love 9 to 5 and I love Backwoods Barbie. 9 to 5 is the Dolly Parton musical which starred Megan Hilty, Stephanie J Block and Allison Janney on Broadway in 2010. It tells the story of a cheating husband and how women can take control of their lives again. Backwoods Barbie is all about the prejudices that Megan Hilty’s character, Doralee, experiences because of how she looks.

7) Anywhere But Here – Julie Atherton (No Space For Air)
Anywhere But Here is a fantastic song by Lance Horne, an American Songwriter. It is taken from Julie Atherton’s second Album, No Space For Air. This is one of my favourite albums at present because of the eclectic mix of songs and styles. There’s a bit of musical theatre and lots of poppy rocky style songs.

6) Take Me Or Leave Me – Rent
Rent is one of my favourite shows. many people say it is “that musical about HIV” but I think it is much more than that. Rent shows the stories of many people and how they become intertwined. It charts their relationships, their ups, their downs and everything in between. Yes, some of them have HIV or AIDS and it does play a large part in the storyline, but don’t write Rent off as a depressing musical. It’s a beautiful piece of theatre.

5) All Grown Up – Bare
I adore Jenna Leigh Green singing this song as her character, Ivy. The story focuses on two gay students and their struggles in a Catholic high school. Having never seen the show performed, I only really know the cast recording, but just that is so emotionally charged that it often leaves me reeling. All Grown Up is sung at a point where Ivy has just discovered that she is pregnant, and is an extrememly poignant song.

4) Last Day On Earth – Hannah Waddingham (From Lance Horne, First Things Last)
More Lance Horne! His album, First Things Last is abolsutely fantastic and contains an eclectic mix of songs from everything about a really good haircut and asparagus, right through to what you would do if today was your last day on Earth. Hannah Waddingham’s vocals add a whole other dimension to this emotional rollercoaster of a song.

3) I Can Do Better Than That – The Last 5 Years (Jason Robert Brown)
The Last 5 Years in (in my humble opinion) one of Jason Robert Brown’s best pieces. It’s a song cycle that follows two characters – Cathy and Jamie, throughout their lives and their relationship. I Can Do Better Than That is about all the things is Cathy’s life that have made her think she could do better – a school friend becoming pregnant, an ex boyfriend and other things. It’s a great comedic song with heart.

2) Fancy – Julia Murney (I’m Not Waiting)
Broadway actress Julia Murney’s album “I’m Not Waiting” has been near top of my most played albums for about the last three years. This album really has something for everyone and Julia’s dulcet tones are just beautiful to listen to. Fancy was originally written by Reba McEntire and tells of a young girl who is sent out to make money for her family through prostitution. Her mother dies and she eventually makes a better life for herself. I love Julia Murney in this song in particular as she really acts well through her voice.

1) Press On – Shoshana Bean (Superhero)
Not really a musical theatre album but an album by a musical theatre singer. Superhero is mainly R n B/soul type music but is definitely worth a listen. Press On is my personal favourite track on the album as it has heartfelt lyrics put to a catchy tune.

So there you go, my top ten musical theatre listens for the moment. How many have you heard? What are your favourites? What is your top ten? Gimme a comment and let me know!


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