We Will Rock You Review

Last week, after my Interview With Sabrina Aloueche I saw the evening performance of We Will Rock You. I was delighted to be in the audience as it was one of Mazz Murray’s last shows, so I was excited to see what she and the show had to offer.

For those of you who haven’t seen We Will Rock You (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?) it tells the story of a future world where live music is banned and everything falls under the role of the Killer Queen. It tells the story of Galileo, Scaramouche and the Bohemians in their fight to save rock and roll forever. Oh, and there’s a few Queen songs thrown in for good measure!

It had been over three years since I had seen the show and I was surprised to see that not a great deal had changed script wise. There were a few little additions (Amy Winehouse being mentioned before No One But You) and a couple of changes in the projections at the beginning, but not sure how long those have been there.

Anyhow, on to my highlights!

Sabrina Aloueche was just the fantastic Scaramouche I remembered her to be – smart, witty and with a fantastic voice as well. She sang Somebody to Love like I had always wanted to hear it sung, which was a pleasure to listen to. She was very easily watchable in the role and made me giggle even though I knew most of the jokes! Alex Gaumond was a strong Galileo with a great voice.

Someone who I had never seen in this show before surprised me a whole lot was Rachel John. She has officially taken top spot as my favourite Meatloaf ever. I have never heard anyone sing No One But You quite that hauntingly. Again, this song that I have heard many times brought tears to my eyes all over again. A fantastic strong actress who I could watch again and again in this role. I adored Ian Carlyle as Brit and think the Jamaican accent was definitely a hit for the character.

Mazz Murray as Killer Queen was every inch her fabulous self. I will never tire of hearing her powerhouse vocals and seeing her do her thing. I’ve only ever seen a different Killer Queen once and that was many years ago, so it will go bizarre if when I go back to the show and Mazz is not there. We had Mark Dugdale as Kashoggi and he was vocally brilliant as well as extremely sleazy in the role. A great Kashoggi through and through.

The ensemble of the show were as tight and strong as ever, with every single vocal being top notch. We Will Rock You really is one of those shows where every single vocal in the show takes you by surprise.

Aside from the show being fantastic, we must have had the worst audience ever. Not one person around us understood the show so spoke all the way through it. The only time they weren’t talking was when they were munching loudly on their popcorn (I hate when theatres sell popcorn) or taking pictures. Joy!

We Will Rock You is playing at the Dominion Theatre.




One thought on “We Will Rock You Review

  1. I was there the same night and was shocked at the lack of manners in the audience! I too had to endure people talking and rustling their sweet wrappers. But nothing could really take my focus off the show and how amazing it was. I've lost count of how many times i've seen the show and Mazz Murray has got to be my all time favourite. I also echo your thoughts on Rachel John's portrayal of Meat and that amazing voice! Wow! I love reading your reviews and you seem to echo my thoughts in a lot of your reviews! Don't stop writing! Bohemian_gurl aka Debbi x

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