An Ode To Theatre Fans

There’s an odd stereotype that I find comes up every time I mention that I am a theatre fan. People automatically assume that I must want to be an actress or involved in the stage in some way.

Let’s get it straight here – I don’t. Many theatre fans out there do want to be involved in theatre in some capacity, but some of us are just that – fans. I adore theatre as a pastime and indeed spend a lot of my time seeing shows, reviewing them here on the site and interviewing some of the West End’s finest. And, in the words of Queenie in Andrew Lippa’s ‘The Wild Party’ – Maybe I Like It This Way.

I’ve made many friends through my love of theatre – either people who I have met at the stage door, in a day queue, in the audience or any other place where theatre fans get together. I have met theatre loving friends all over the place – even at work! Many a friend can be made in the cold hours sitting outside a theatre waiting for day seats, just by getting talking to the person next to you. There’s nothing better than meeting someone who knows what you’re talking about when you say the name of a West End actor or songwriter. I love my theatre friends :-

From a fan’s point of view, there is nothing more exciting than that moment when the first moments of a show happen – whether that’s the dragon coming alive in Wicked, the rumble of the band at We Will Rock You or the overture at Legally Blonde. It’s the moment that you are taken away from real life and dropped into another world – the world of the theatre. It’s a moment where everything you were thinking about and worrying about slips away to be replaced with thoughts of this magical world on the stage. It’s the best way to make your worries fade away.

I love seeing and reviewing shows in the hope that the online presence of myself and many other bloggers will bring more fans to the theatre. I like nothing better than to discuss and debate theatre with anyone and everyone and hearing theatrical news can make my day!

Stage door wise, it’s great to meet your theatre idols. I love being able to congratulate talented people on a great performance and learn a little more about the show and those involved. I love sharing my love of theatre with those involved in it.

I love theatre, and I love theatre fans. After all, without the people who see the shows, where would the shows be?


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