REVIEW – Sister Act Broadway

Whilst over in New York I decided to peek in at Sister Act to see the well talked about script changed for myself, and also to check up on one of my favourite leading ladies – Patina Miller.

In short, the show was fantastic. As with the London cast, there wasn’t a missing link. Patina was 100% fabulous as per usual and in top vocal form. Victoria Clark was a perfect Mother Superior and – as much as we all know Sheila Hancock was amazing in the role – it was great to hear the role sung to perfection as well as acted. Demond Green stood out for me as TJ as he was absolutely hysterical and listening to him sing was a pleasure. Audrie Neenan was a funny Sister Mary Lazarus, and wasted no time in informing us at stage door that she had originated the role of Mary Laz in Pasadena and that “y’all’s Mary Laz came after’. which made us giggle. We had understudy Christina DiCicco as Sister Mary Robert, who was an absolute joy to behold. Her “The Life I Never Led” was like nothing I had heard before.

Getting down to the changes – because I know you all want to know about them. In short – it was almost a totally different show to what we had in London. This is not a bad thing, though, as I felt the plot was much easier to digest and there were little bits in there that weren’t before – like you find out what Deloris’ real name is! I look forward to seeing our UK tour cast perform this new version of a much loved show!


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