REVIEW – Honk! at the Lost Theatre

Last night I was invited to see Honk! at the Lost Theatre in South London. Knowing nothing of Honk! except for the poster (you know the one, with the egg with the feet hanging out…) and that the music was by Stiles and Drewe I had a feeling I had a fun night ahead of me. I wasn’t wrong.

Honk! tells the story of a little duckling who is not the same as his sisters. The other farm animals call him ugly. He is lured away by the tom cat and goes on a whirlwind adventure meeting all kinds of folk – including tap dancing frogs in wellies – that made me happy!

Ugly was played by Andrew Newton who was as cute and charismatic as you would expect a duckling to be. His mother Ida was played by Rhiannon Rose, who, thanks to her fabulous acting and powerhouse voice, really made you believe her sorrow at losing her son. Dad Drake was played by Thomas Hewitt, who was absolutely hilarious and a joy to watch. The sly Tom Cat was played by Tobias James, who slithered around the stage in such a way that I couldn’t take my eyes off him and he had the movements of a cat down to a tee.

I also very much enjoyed Danielle Harding’s Queenie, a pampered kitty cat who falls very quickly head over heels for the Tom Cat. Your Grace was played beautifully by Lindsay Richardson who did a very quick character change into Dot the goose. Chris Carroll’s Turkey was another character that stood out to me, particularly his reactions at words such as Christmas and this turn as Greylag the Goose – a military fellow! Charlie England as the bullfrog was cheeky and charming and I very much enjoyed the ensemble of tap dancing frogs in wellies – classic musical theatre right there! Claire Reilly made a beautiful swan along with Chris Carroll and Siobhan McConnon as her hilarious parents.

The ensemble/ducklings consisted of Rachel Barker, Victoria Boden, Justine Lee and Holly Tyler, all of whom were very strong in their respective roles. I found they shone most, though as the four ducklings who bitched and gabbled and whined the whole way through the show and were a constant source of amusement.

If you have a spare evening while this show is on I recommend you get down to the Lost Theatre and see it. Even if you DON’T have a spare evening I recommend you find a way to make one and use it to see this show. It’s such a classic mix of great acting, fantastic direction and music by the fabulous Stiles and Drewe that it can’t be missed.

Honk! is playing at the Lost Theatre until the 1st October.

Show Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday at 7.30pm, Sundays at 3pm, Thursday Matinee 29th September 3pm, Saturday Matinee 1st October 3pm

Tickets: £12 concessions/£15 full

Book by Phone   0844 847 1680, at the Lost Theatre, or Online


Me and the cast of Honk!



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