ARTICLE – My Land’s Shore

New Musical My Land’s Shore is currently requesting sponsorship to help produce a cast album. You all know how passionate I believe we should all be about supporting new work, and this new work is definitely one to watch.

My Land’s Shore has been called “The Welsh Les Mis” and tells a true story of wrongful execution. The synopsis says –

“1831 – Merthyr – black with smoke belching from the furnaces that fired the town’s iron works but with even greater flames ablaze in the hearts of the people. A political protest turned into a riot that was brutally suppressed by the authorities. In the aftermath of the riot Richard Lewis (aka Dic Penderyn) was arrested, tried and convicted of a crime he did not commit. Dic Penderyn, an ordinary man of conviction and integrity carried along by the wheels of history in extraordinary times, became the first martyr of the Welsh working class. Now he becomes the central character in a new musical with a beautiful and powerful score.

MY LAND’S SHORE is a tale of conflict, social injustice, moral dilemmas, love, guilt and heartbreak … An epic musical gift from the musical nation of Wales to the world.   So, embrace the passion of this musical about one man whose story speaks for all men who stand up for freedom in the face of unjust oppression. ”

Also, not only do you get to hear the fabulous music after the amount is raised, but if you meet a certain benchmark in donation you will receive something in return. Here’s the benchmarks and what you will receive for meeting them –

£10 or more : For a donation of £10 you will receive our sincerest thanks and gratitude!

£20 or more : For £20 you will see your name printed in the CD booklet.

£50 or more : For donating £50 you will get the chance to have your name printed in the booklet for this original cast recording. AND you will receive a copy of the finished product signed by the cast!

£100 or more : For £100 or more you will see your name printed in the CD booklet, you will receive the finished product and poster signed by the cast… AND you will be invite to sit in on a recording session and meet some of the cast.

Please please PLEASE dig deep and find something to help propel this fantastic new musical into the eyes of those who have the means to make it a long running, classic musical just like Les Mis, Phantom and all the other long runners.

You can donate towards the cast album here —-:>




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