REVIEW – A Stage Kindly Gala at Greenwich Theatre

I recently attended a showcase of new work by production company “A Stage Kindly”. On looking at the programme I was happy to see that I already knew the work of a few of the composers and was looking forward to spending the night celebrating “A Stage Kindly’s” third birthday.

The show was a great way to see what’s out there in the workshop world of musical theatre. Standouts for me were Constantine Andrews and Victoria Boden’s “Just One Look” by Tim Prottey Jones, Benjamin Vivien-Jones singing “A Revelation” by David Reiser and Charlotte Bradford with “A Simple Valley Tale” by Pippy Cleary and Jake Brunger. These were my standouts in what was an exceptionally talented company of singers.

It was great to learn a little more about “A Stage Kindly” and what they do. I did feel at times that introductions to the songs were a little random and would focus heavily on one before brushing over the next, but this was a very small  gripe about what was a well put together, enjoyable evening celebrating new work.

I look forward to A Stage Kindly’s next endeavour.


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