REVIEW – Office Party @ Product Solutions Ltd (The Pleasance)

I have to admit that when I was invited to review “Office Party”, which is billed as an “immersive experience” rather than a show, I was a TINY BIT out of my comfort zone.

When you enter the lobby of “Product Solutions” you are given a name badge and a department – we were creative (Of course we were!) – and after a touch of mingling with your new found “colleagues” you are separated into your departments for a spot of creative brainstorming. After this you head off to the main party, and so comes an evening of boozy fun, daft games and fights between staff. I have to say, I was in hysterics for most of the night!

With regards to the cast, some you were very aware of from the start and they made themselves obvious as “The Actors” whilst still staying close to the experience. What I didn’t bank on, however was that a few cast members are cleverly hidden amongst the audience, only to be revealed towards to end of the show in an epic fashion!

The show is excellently put together and is a fantastic night out. How they have managed to mimic a office party so closely is beyond me, but every moment of the show works, every moment is entertaining. If you don’t want to get involved, there is plenty of opportunity to watch from the sidelines, but even from the sidelines the show is fantastic – even for a nervous type like me!

Get yourself down to the Pleasance to see this show as soon as you can if you want a night of no holds barred fun with an exceptionally talented cast and lots of surprises throughout. The only thing I would say is don’t go on your own – this is definitely a show best enjoyed with a group of friends!



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