REVIEW – Stand Tall @ The Landor

I recently attended the press night of Stand Tall at the Landor Theatre in Clapham.

New musical Stand Tall tells the biblical story of David and Goliath in a modern setting. Throw in a strong anti bullying message, a fabulous black sheep and an epic guitar battle and you have what makes for a fantastic night out at the theatre.

One thing that struck me about the show was the strength of the cast. Natasha Barnes made an adorable princess, with suitably kick ass vocals for this rock musical and Keisha Amposa Banson was a smart and sassy black sheep who successfully kept the show moving. Jack Shalloo played a gloriously modern Goliath, who indeed was a thug, but he was also very much a victim in his own right at the hands of his own father. Martin Pirongs is a brilliantly funny king and Ryan O’Donnell’s David is a soppy chap who you really can’t see becoming king, but by the end of the show he accepts his destiny with confidence.

I think this show is very current and I can see why a version of it did well on the schools circuit. There isn’t a school out there that doesn’t have its own David and Goliath and I think the anti bullying message and modern setting of the show would resonate with audiences of all ages.

The Landor is such a lovely little venue, but I definitely think a musical like this with such a strong, loud sound could have used being in a bigger venue – hopefully it will be in the future!

You can see my interviews with the cast of Stand Tall below.


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