REVIEW – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas @ The Union

London’s got a whorehouse in it! Recently, I attended the press night for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the Union Theatre.

I have always loved a good night of traditional musical theatre, so I was very excited to see this show in action, particularly with such a stellar cast. On entering the theatre I was excited to see a simple, yet practical set. The back wall was painted as one huge American flag, and bales of hay around gave an easy theme. I also loved how the cast were already interacting with one another whilst the audience entered and the interaction kind of slipped us gently into the show.

Lindsay Scigliano was a stunning Doatsey Mae, with vocals that were a joy to listen to. I also particularly enjoyed Stephanie Tavernier as Jewel. Nancy Sullivan was a sweet, coy “Shy” who impressed with powerhouse vocals and morphed very quickly from a inexperienced young girl into a sassy young woman. Leon Craig played a hilariously camp Melvin P Thorpe and was every inch the panto type villain. Special mentions I also felt should go to Tony Longhurst as the Senator and James Parkes as Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd, both of whom were fantastic. Sarah Lark absolutely shone as Miss Mona – every inch the dignified “mother of the house” and her final song just about broke my heart.

The lead cast are backed up by an exceptionally strong ensemble cast, many of whom play different roles throughout the show. The energy and enthusiasm of this cast amazed me and made it easy to fall into the world that they were trying draw us in to. Even without a huge flashy set, it was very easy to imagine location and the three beds used as set were utilised well.

The show was directed and choreographed very well, and I felt that the choreography especially was worthy of a venue much bigger than this. I felt particularly the tap routine in the middle of the show stood out as a great moment and definitely drew random applause from the audience.

I very much recommend this show to anyone who loves a musical – it’s classic musical theatre at its best! If you see one show this month make it this one! the only bad thing I could think of about the show is that it closes on 12th November!


Tickets are £17 (No Concessions) and are selling fast so book quickly to avoid disappointment!

Call 020 7261 9876 or Book Online

Me and the cast of The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

Below is my interview with Miss Mona… and Sarah Lark!


One thought on “REVIEW – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas @ The Union

  1. I went to see on the opening night and enjoyed it. At script level, I am not too keen on this musical for several reasons. But the cast, choreography and production were brilliant. Ultimately, it didn’t pretend to be something other than what it was which made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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