REVIEW – John Leguizamo, Ghetto Klown

John Leguizamo in Ghetto Klown

When I heard John Leguizamo was performing a one man show at the Charing Cross Theatre (formerly the New Players) in London I had to get myself press night tickets and get down there.

Many people know John Leguizamo from his acting career, starring in movies such as Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, Ice Age and Executive Decision. I was very excited to learn a little more about his life and see him act live, as those who know of him know how versatile an actor John is.

I came out of the show having laughed myself stupid, but also amazed at the versatility of John Leguizamo’s acting. When he spoke about other members of friends, family or actors he had worked with, I felt like I could see them in front of me. Particularly when he played his grandfather, it was like watching a different man on stage. How refreshing it is to see a one man show that is interesting, funny, touching and sticks with you for a while afterwards.

It’s no wonder this show did well both on Broadway and at the Charing Cross. I hope to see it back soon!


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