NEW! – Are You A “Rising Star”?

Dream of being green? Want to dance through life? Live for costume and make up? Love to design sets? Are you a budding stage manager/PR/Marketing Manager? Would you love to manage a West End Theatre? You might be interested in the new series that we will be launching in the new year!

Everyone who reads this blog loves theatre in some way, whether that is as a fan or as someone who wishes to be involved in the arts in some way. Here at West End Wendy, we support all aspects of the arts and want to shine a spotlight on the future of theatre – that’s where you guys come in!

We want to hear from YOU about your theatrical ambitions. Whether that is backstage, on stage, front of house or behind the scenes, we want to know about it. What makes you tick? Are you training? How do you intend to achieve your dream? What inspired you to look into that career? The series will be open to anyone who wants a career in the Arts, whether you are already studying or preparing to study, or are gaining experience in your field.

More information will be coming at the beginning of 2012 about this exciting new project. If YOU want to be interviewed by West End Wendy about your ambitions, keep your eye on this blog and on Twitter (@Westend_Wendy) for more information as it becomes available.


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