REVIEW – Fascinating Aida at Charing Cross Theatre

Last week I saw the Press Night of “Fascinating Aida – Cheap Flights.” I had no idea what to expect from the show having only been told “they’re really funny” about an hour before the show.

Fascinating Aida is a cabaret style group made up of Dillie Keane (who founded the group), Adele Anderson and Sarah Louise Young. The show consisted of mostly songs, with a few hilarious anecdotes thrown in for good measure. The songs were all written by members of the group and some were much funnier than others. I particularly enjoyed youtube hit “Cheap Flights” and “Tesco Saves” was another of my favourites. Indeed, the lyric “Jesus saves but Tesco saves you more” had the audience rolling in the aisles! The “Bavarian song cycles” had me howling, particularly the one about James Corden and Katie Price (You have to see the show to hear it!).

It was fantastic to spend an evening with three immensely talented women who didn’t falter for a moment in providing an easy couple of hours of West End entertainment. I particularly enjoyed Sarah Louise Young’s description of the ArcelorMittal Orbit (In Stratford) as “a pulsating pile on the arse end of east London”.

Fascinating Aida plays at the Charing Cross Theatre until January 7th. Tickets are £24.50-£29.50 and bookable at the theatre, online or by phone on 020 7907 7075. Get yourself some tickets booked for a show that will leave you giggling every time you remember it!


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