REVIEW – What Would Helen Mirren Do?

Last week I was invited to see “What Would Helen Mirren Do?” at the beautiful Waterloo East Theatre. I was completely unsure of what to expect – what would Helen Mirren do about what exactly? I was looking forward to what looked like a very fun show.

Anita Parry plays Susan, a frustrated check out clerk who has her chances at promotion. The show takes us through her training course to become check out manager, her frustrations and worries about her two very different children and her fears about her self. All this with a splash of bolshy colleagues and a very sleazy boss. As part of her training course, Susan is asked who her role model is and chooses Helen Mirren. Thus, every decision she comes to, she asks herself “what would Helen Mirren do?”

For a show with so many characters, one might be surprised to hear that this is a one woman show! Anita Parry handles all the characters with ease, making it easy for the audience to distinguish between Susan, her colleagues, her boss and her trainer as well as others along the way. The show is written very well, with many comedy moments thrown in. I loved how the character of Susan seemed to represent many people out there – I think everyone would empathise with at least one element of Susan’s story – whether that is the frustration in her job or her worry for her children.

I would recommend this show for anyone who wants a good night at the theatre with many laughs thrown in for good measure. I’m always very admirable of an actress who can pull off a one woman show and this is a good example of such a show.

The show runs at the Waterloo East Theatre from Feb 28th to March 25th. Tickets are £15 or £12 for concessions. The show runs at 70 minutes.



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