REVIEW – The King’s Speech @ Wyndhams Theatre

Last night we were invited to view The King’s Speech at the Wyndhams Theatre. Having seen the film of the same name. I was excited to see the play that inspired it. 

I’ll start by saying that I found the show very enjoyable, and I loved how it was placed perfectly historically using various projections and references within the script. Real life recordings of event were juxtaposed with the script, leaving audience members nothing less than certain about what the era was like. The set was fairly minimal, with only smell hints in terms of location – the script identified the location in most cases. But what set there was, was used perfectly. I did feel that sometimes the revolve left us as the audience a little confused as to who we were supposed to be watching, but that’s only a small gripe.

The cast were superb, particularly Charles Edwards as King George VI, who beautifully portrayed the king and his “embarrassing” speech impediment that had left him looked down on by his family for so long. I really did believe every word he said and felt every emotion he described. Jonathan Hyde as Lionel Logue was a joy to watch, as was Charlotte Randle as his wife Myrtle, who never failed to amuse as the slightly neurotic wife. Her desire to return home to Australia almost broke my heart at times. 

Ian McNeice was a perfect Winston Churchill. It is rare to be able to tell who an actor is portraying the second they walk on the stage, but in this instance it was completely clear. I wasn’t sure whether we were meant to like or dislike Michael Feast’s Cosmo Lang, having experienced both feelings about the character throughout the course of the evening. 

All in all a fantastic night at the theatre, and a great show for anyone who enjoyed the film, enjoys English history, or just plain would like a good night at the theatre. 

The King’s Speech is playing at the Wyndhams Theatre, London. 

Performances Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm. Matinees Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm

Stalls – £52.50, £35

Dress Circle – £52.50

Grand Circle – £35, £17.50

Balcony – £17.50

You can book ONLINE, By phone on 0844 482 5120 (24hrs) or at the Wyndhams Theatre Box Office


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