REVIEW – Carmen at the King’s Head

Recently we attended the Press Night of Carmen at the King’s Head Theatre in Islington. Not being much of an opera fan, I awaited the start of the show with trepidation, not knowing what the next two hours held for me. What I found however, was that this show was perfect for those of us amongst us who are not the biggest fan’s of opera.

This new interpretation of the show moves the story of Carmen into present day, swapping 19th century Seville for 2012 Islington. I was very surprised at how well the show moved easily into the present day and loved how the cast took advantage of the fact that the King’s Head is a pub by staging a brawl in the bar before the show began.

I thought the space was used excellently within the theatre and was set simply but perfectly for purpose. The cast shone – every note was a joy to listen to and I think even the most hardened anti-opera person would have a job not to be swayed into enjoying this new interpretation of an old classic.


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