REVIEW — Pierced Workshop @ The Landor Theatre

Yesterday I previewed a workshop version of new show “Pierced” at the lovely Landor Theatre, which is fast becoming one of my favourites!

The programme says the show is… “a comic, but touching portrayal of youth today, with all its idealism, ambition and awkward comedy. It follows the stories of five teenagers in the summer after finishing school, as they ope with obsessive rushes, divorcing parents, dreams of winning the X Factor and the thrall of advanced Facebook stalking”. The words in the programme could not have been more true to what is already a fantastic show and I’m sure will evolve into something even more special than it already is.

What amused me was the accuracy of the show – in its characters I saw people who I had been at school with. Although they were specific characters, each one of them was easily translatable to someone I had known in my school days. Sam Hallion played Mike, essentially the “lead” in this show. He was perfect in the role of the awkward and tormented teenager. Another who was very well suited to their role was Liam Ross-Mills as Robbie, who perfectly portrayed the cheeky chappie who just wanted to succeed. Lauren Austin as snooty but misunderstood Talia was a pleasure to watch and was heartbreaking at times and amusing at others. My stars of the evening were Dougie Carter as starstruck Ashley (who I really WANTED to win the X Factor!) and Rosanna Colclough as Amy, who was an absolute laugh a minute but was also emotional to watch. There was definitely not a weak link in this stellar cast.

I have to say a word about the music in this show. Every song was catchy and perfectly suited to the part of the story that it portrayed. The lyrics flowed fantastically and I went away humming a few of the company numbers. Songs which stay with you are one of the things, in my opinion, that make a great musical.

All in all a great afternoon in the theatre. I look forward to seeing how the show evolves!


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