REVIEW – The Vocal Orchestra @ Udderbelly

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the performance of The Vocal Orchestra. The setting for this evening was inside a giant purple cow… A purple cow you say? Yes, set at London’s Southbank Centre in the shadow of the London Eye sits the E4 Udderbelly cow.  The 410 seat temporary theatre was an ideal setting for The Vocal Orchestra, just enough space for spectacle and intimacy.

The Vocal Orchestra describe the show as “a spine-tingling hour of incredible musical entertainment. A celebration of everyone’s favourite tunes using seven mouths, seven mics and no instruments!” and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

The Orchestra which includes Billy Boothroyd, Ross Green, Robin Bailey, Grace Savage, Johannah Jolson, Claudia Georgette and Harriet Syndercombe Court blend the perfect mix of “human beatboxing, glorious vocal harmonies and floor wobbling basslines”.

With a bit of background into the show, The Vocal Orchestra is an original show, written and created by Shlomo who is an internationally acclaimed beatboxer.  Shlomo himself gave up astrophysics to perform his “amazing vocal pyrotechnics”.  And aren’t we glad he did because without him we wouldn’t have this amazing piece of theatre, beatboxing and vocal talent.

The show itself takes you through so many different styles and genres of music. One minute I was gobsmacked at the awesome beatbox battle the next I was being transported back to 1985 for a medley of some of the best hits of the 80’s. But don’t get too comfortable because in no time we were being whisked to the 60’s, 90’s and even the 1700’s.

If you’re looking for an evening of spectacular entertainment at a wonderfully reasonable price get yourself down to Londons South Bank to see The Vocal Orchestra.

The show is now on from 17 April – 27 May and tickets range from £15 to £19.50 (bargain)

You can book your tickets online at

Or alternatively through the BOX OFFICE on 0844 545 8282.

I completely recommend The Vocal Orchestra as (how the website puts it) you’ll be “whooping, clapping and dancing all the way home”.


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