REVIEW – The Mystery of Edwin Drood – WEST END!

As many of you know, we attended the press night of The Mystery of Edwin Drood at the Landor Theatre only a few weeks ago. You can find my previous review Here.

The show opened earlier in the week at the Arts theatre, for a well deserved West End transfer of what I think is probably one of my favourite shows of the year thus far!

My sentiments on the show aren’t really changed from my first review. I thought the show was absolutely fantastic, with one of the most energetic and talented casts in the west end. Every moment is a joy to watch. I love the audience interaction in this show – it’s a great touch.

I was also thrilled to see a different ending to the show than when I saw it at the Landor. I know many were in two minds as to whether there actually WERE different endings, but there definitely are. I love how each of the two characters whose endings I have seen had different motives and reasons for committing the crime.

All in all an enjoyable piece that leaves you humming the songs (I still have Champagne Charlie stuck in my head two days later!) and discussing who the murderer could have been all the way home. Even for those who are not fans of Charles Dickens, this really is a show with a difference that I would recommend to anyone.

The show is playing at the Arts theatre for a very limited 35 performances! Head over to for tickets and more information.

See this show as soon as you can – you won’t regret it!


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