Interviews With The Stars!

I have had the pleasure of interviewing many a West End Star and figured they should be put here for you all to see! When more videos are shot they will appear here too so keep your eyes peeled for more! Let us know who you’d like to see interviewed!
Interview with Christopher Howell
We met up with Christopher Howell in his dressing room at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, where he is playing Dr Dillamond in the Smash Hit Show Wicked.
Interview With Daniella Bowen and Joanna Forest
We met with Daniella Bowen and Joanna Forest at Dress Circle to chat about cabarets, random facts about each other and future ambitions.
Interview With Zoe Birkett
We met up with Zoe in Dress Circle to chat about Pop Idol, past theatre adventures, merkins and her part as Dionne in the upcoming tour of Hair.
Interview with Helena Blackman
We met up with Helena in Dress Circle to talk about her upcoming “Journey to The Past” Tour.
Interview with Emily Cooke and Anna Shields of Starling Arts
We chatted to Emily and Anna about Starling Arts.
Interview With Peter Polycarpou
We spoke to Peter about his upcoming show “The Songs Of My Life”.
Interview With Jon Paul Hevey and Chris Holland
Interview With Jon-Paul Hevey and Chris Holland about Burlesque at the Jermyn Street Theatre.
Interview With Kim Ismay
We met Kim at the Prince of Wales theatre, home of Mamma Mia! to talk about her forthcoming show at the Landor Theatre, About Bill.
Interview With Amy Beadel
We met Amy in her dressing room at Shrek to talk about playing teen Fiona and Tweedle Dum, rat tap, being a qualified tennis instructor and Glinda.
Interview With Tim Prottey-Jones
We chatted to Tim Prottey-Jones after his album signing at Dress Circle. We were also slightly video bombed by the fabulous Sarah Lark!
Interviews With James and Graham Edgington
We Met James and Graham in Minkies Deli in Kensal Rise to chat about charity “Jennifer” and a Night for Jennifer West End.
Interviews With The Cast Of Stand Tall
We interviewed Natasha J Barnes and Keisha Amposa Banson and then Ryan O’Donnell, Jack Shalloo and Martin Pirongs. We chat about Stand Tall, black sheep, being banned from M&S, having the longest name in showbiz and ketchup explosions!
Interview With Ben Stock and Helena Blackman
We met Helena and Ben at the Cockpit theatre to talk about Noel and Gertie. Dame Vera Lynn and Eastenders. Ben stole my heart!
Interview With Alexia Khadime
We met Alexia for our first ever outdoor interview to chat about her role as Eponine in Les Miserables, being green and her love of knitting. She’s making me a scarf!
Interview With Alice Fearn
We met Alice Fearn at Shrek to chat about playing Princess Sugar-plum-fiona-bread-man, random facts about her and the gingerbread man.
Interview With Cynthia EriVo
We interviewed Cynthia after a rehearsal for the UK tour of Sister Act. We talked about general fabulousness, fold down bikes and couples doing the nasty at a show.
Interview With Sabrina Aloueche
Sabrina was playing Scaramouche in We Will Rock You when we met for this interview. We discussed her fear of puppets, past work, what’s next for her and annoying audience habits!
Interview With Hannah Levane
We interviewed Hannah on her first day of Sister Act rehearsals. We chatted about Sister Act, being friends with Zac Effron ( :-p ) and playing Killer Queen.
Interview With Victoria Hamilton Barritt
We met Victoria recently and spoke to her about her many talents as well as biscuits, new musical theatre and the most annoying audience habits out there.
Interview With Ashleigh Gray
We met Ashleigh Gray between shows of Betwixt, in which she was playing disembodied head, Miranda. We talked about being green, NHS the Musical and being pushed around in a box.
Interview With Steven Webb
We met Steven between shows at Betwixt! We spoke about what a fabulous queen he makes, playing Oliver at ten and those annoying audience habits.
Interview With Benedict Salter
We met Benedict between shows at Betwixt and spoke about Shakespeare, playing a frustrated writer and what’s coming in the future.
Interview With Damian Humbley
We met Damian whilst he was playing Max in Lend Me A Tenor. In our first ever two parter interview we discussed everything from new musical theatre, shoes and annoying audience habits, to Jason Robert Brown and swapping numbers.
Interview with Rebecca Wicking
We met Rebecca at Geotto’s on New Oxford Street and chatted about her album, being the UK’s Kristin Chenoweth and the future.
Wendy visits Wicked London
I visited Wicked London and chatted to Cassie Compton, George Ure, Rachel Tucker and Lee Mead as well as getting a kiss and a cuddle from the fabulous Louise Dearman.
Interview With Helena Blackman
We met Helena to talk about her album, The Sound Of Rogers and Hammerstein. In the course of the interview we chatted about Daniel Boys, being too tall to play Glinda and death as an annoying audience habit.
Interview With Jon Boydon
We met Jon in his dressing room at Jersey Boys to talk about the show, Jest End, attractive puppets and annoying audience habits. Oh, and what exactly a jug of boobies is?
West End Wendy Does London
I had a little walk around the sights of London and thought you might all like to see.

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